Aron Degotardi

Director/ Principal

Aron Degotardi has been involved in holiday rentals on the Northern Beaches & North Shore areas since 2005. He is the most widely recognised and well respected holiday manager in the area and is often called upon by reporters of the industry to comment upon, or indeed forecast, likely trends.

Being born and bred North of Sydney, Aron has a vast knowledge of the entire Northern Beaches & North Shore areas and a long family history in Real Estate on the Upper/ Lower North Shore & Northern Beaches dating back to 1928.

Aron has a great list of clients who can be read about in the "Who's Who of Business", as well as famous clients in the Arts, Sports and indeed internationally recognised. Indeed, everyone receives the same level of service from him... if its bookings you want for your property then call Aron today to find out how to begin the process.

Aron Degotardi