About Avalon

Surfing Paradise on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – Avalon

Maintaining True Australian Beach Culture

There are many beautiful beaches all along Australia’s coasts. Modern lifestyles, however threaten to overwhelm the true beach culture with the pressures of overcrowding and commercialization. Avalon, New South Wales, is fighting this trend and working hard to maintain the traditional beach culture.

Named for the mythical final resting place of King Arthur, the settlement that became Avalon was first started via land grants in 1827. The area was originally known as “Priest’s Flat” until 1921, when a land developer began a subdivision called Avalon. The name eventually stuck, and became the relaxed and unspoiled beach that you will soon visit. The white sands and reliable waves inevitably gave rise to surfing tourism, with an expanding selection of holiday rental homes in support.

The permanent residents of Avalon understand how important it is to have a beach where visitors can still enjoy a natural, relaxed, and easygoing holiday. While they were excited when the television series Baywatch shot an episode here, they were dismayed to learn that the production team wanted to permanently relocate the series to Avalon. In spite of the commercial windfall that would have followed, they chose a nobler path and declined to permanently host the series. This move proves that the people of Avalon understand their real treasure is already in place. The support system for regular tourism – surf shops, cafes, rental accommodations, and so on – have been incorporated in ways that don’t interrupt enjoyment of the beach, but regular production of a television series couldn’t have been incorporated in the same way.

Experiencing Avalon

Now that you’ve chosen Avalon as your holiday home away from home, you’ll need to plan your time. Sitting on the beach is a totally valid way to spend your holiday, but there is more to do in Avalon.

Surfing is the major attraction here, and surfers worldwide know this beach as a reliable destination. Average wave heights are 1.6 meters, with three permanent rip currents active on the surf beach. To add safety, the beach is lifesaver-patrolled. Swimmers aren’t left out, but safe swimming is best limited to the 250meter saltwater rock pool on the beach. For those who prefer to swim in the surf directly, flags are in place to outline safe areas. To round out the watersports itinerary, anglers can wet a hook to the north of the beach.

If you’re more comfortable on solid land, Avalon is still a great place for your holidays. The 9-hole Avalon Golf Course (featuring the Avalon Ladies Golf Club) is a walking course that golfers of all skill levels can enjoy. The local football league boasts more than 80 teams, and there is also rugby action from the Avalon Junior Rugby League Club. Careful selection of your holiday rental home can put you in a central location to take advantage of all these opportunities.

Weather Advisory

The temperatures in Avalon are just what you would expect from a summertime surfing paradise. Daytime highs in the summer season (December – February) will be in the 26 – 27 degree Celsius range. If you’re spending most of your day on or in the water, this is just right!

In the winter months, June through August, nighttime low temperatures will average 7 to 8 degrees Celsius, with daytime highs of 18 – 19 degrees. Overall, the climate in Avalon is well suited to year round outdoor activities.

Getting to Avalon

Traveling to Avalon from the UK is quite simple.

  • Book your holiday accommodations in advance, especially for a holiday in the summer months.
  • Book your flights. If you are flying from any of the London area airports, all major carriers offer multiple daily departures to Sydney Airport.
  • Hire a car.
  • Drive an hour north to Avalon.
  • Enjoy!

To truly experience the atmosphere and camaraderie of Australian surf culture, you don’t have to travel too far from the bright lights of Sydney. Skip the “touristy” spots and find out why Australia in general and the Northern Beaches of Sydney in particular became preferred repeat destinations of surfers worldwide. Physically nearby, culturally a world apart, make your plans now to experience Avalon.