About Bayview

Bayview is an affluent suburb…Bayview is known as the quieter, older suburb of the Northern Beaches.

Bayview takes its name from a description of its location, providing a ‘’view’’ across ‘’Pittwater’’. Governor Arthur Phillip took a short journey of exploration from Manly to this area in March 1788 and named it Pittwater after William Pitt, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time.

Captain John Hunter prepared a map showing the bays and inlets in 1792.

Bayview Accommodation

With so much water around, Bayview tends to emphasise waterfront views, and Bayview holiday rentals are certainly no exception. Most of Bayview rentals have stunning views of Pittwater or distant views. Holiday makers love staying in Bayview because it’s still within minutes of the beaches, cafes and restaurants.