About Newport

Holidaying in Newport

Owning a holiday rental apartment in the coastal suburb of Sydney the largest and most cosmopolitan city of Australia is everyone’s dream. Newport is located at a distance of merely 20 miles from the city centre. The main attraction of the suburb includes its wide and sandy beach, which is a surfing paradise for adventure sport lovers. An efficient transportation system links Newport to various other parts of the city, allowing visitors to connect to the other spectacular regions of Sydney. It also offers easy access to the surrounding scenic New South Wales landscape.

Newport is not expensive on your pocket, giving you a chance to relax and have a good time. Renting holiday rental accommodation here, mainly in the form of apartments, townhouses or bungalows, is an amazing way to holiday.

Things to Do

Pittwater Estuary, located nearby, is an ideal shelter for marina and is an extremely popular destination amongst yachters and boating enthusiasts. Both water sports enthusiasts and those who have no inclination towards it can look forward to having a fun filled time at the Newport Beach. Where sports loving people can enjoy surfing, wind-surfing, boogie-boarding and jet skiing, others can just soak themselves in the sun. If you enjoy walking then you can visit the rural landscape located beyond the suburb. These landscapes include many golf courses.

Places to Visit

You simply should not miss the chance to visit Sydney while you are spending time in Newport. The place connects you well with most of the city attractions that can be reached within a short drive. The drive from Newport will itself be an enticing experience covering places such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the best known landmarks of the city.

Sydney offers its visitors a number of iconic attractions that are a feast for the eyes. Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney Tower and the Australian Museum are a few such places worth visiting. Sydney is also rich in natural beauty. Some of the notable parks and open spaces in Sydney include Hyde Park and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Also, there are beaches that stretch for miles in its eastern oceanfront suburbs. The city also promises a great shopping time that will keep the visitors busy.


Newport enjoys a pleasant climate that can be categorized as a Mediterranean one. Visitors holidaying in Newport will discover that this part of New South Wales has soothing weather throughout the year. Summers in Newport are warm with temperatures reaching up to mid-30 degrees C. Winters are extremely pleasant with temperatures dipping to 18 degrees C.